Comparison of Parimatch app with the main site

How to download Parimatch app on a particular operating system, we will tell you below. The installation process is largely similar in all cases, but there are certain nuances that players need to know. Detailed instructions will help Pari match download app the software without any problems.

Downloading on Android

Parimatch Android version is not available on Google Play. This fate cannot be avoided by all bookmakers, as the distributor company’s policy does not allow distributing such software through its store.

Download Parimatch on Android should follow the following instructions:

  • To begin with, open the page of the BK. You can do this both from your PC and from your smartphone;
  • Find the section “Mobile application”. With PC this tab is located in the menu, and in the browser version at the bottom of the page;
  • When downloading from the phone, after clicking on the section, you will be prompted to download the file. When downloading from the PC it is necessary to scan the QR code and do the same;
  • After downloading it is necessary to open the file and install the software.

Sometimes the protection of a mobile device does not allow to download files from sources other than the official store. Usually it is offered to allow the installation during the download, but if it does not happen, it will be necessary to do it manually. This process is performed in the security settings. There you should allow installation from third-party sources by unchecking the appropriate checkbox.

Downloading on Huawei and Samsung

Unlike the previous version, the program is available for installation in HUAWEI AppGallery and Galaxy Store. You can download Parimatch mobile from there directly using the following instructions:

  • Open the website;
  • Find the section “Mobile application” and click on the banner, offering to install the software in this or that store;
  • Install the program on the page in the store by clicking on “Install”.

You don’t have to visit the site. Search is available in the store, so it is enough to enter the name of the bookmaker’s office and open the application page yourself.

Downloading on iOS

Similar to the previous option, iPhone users can download the program from the App Store. Pari Match can be downloaded on iOS according to the following instructions:

  • Open the site;
  • Find the section “Mobile application” and click on the banner offering to install the software in the App Store;
  • Install the program on the page in the store by clicking on “Install”.

It is not necessary to visit the site. Search is available in the store, so it is enough to enter the name of the bookmaker’s office and open the page of the application yourself.


At Pari Match the application on a regular basis receives current updates and improvements. New versions fix bugs and add new useful features. You don’t have to repeat the installation process to update the software. Each time the program runs, it contacts the server, checking for a newer version. If there is one, the user will be prompted to update to the current application. Also checking for updates will be done in the official store, if the software is downloaded from there.


Before installing Pari-Match on your smartphone, it is worth reading an overview on the main parameters of the application. A summary of the key points is as follows:

  • Functionality. In this aspect, the developers have tried very well. The program not only has in itself the same functions as on the main site. In many aspects, it is identical to it;
  • Convenience. From the previous point comes the next. The same interface and design allows you to quickly adapt to the program. It is quite easy to use and convenient due to the quick transitions between sections;
  • Line. Customers can bet on the line. The most interesting events from the prematch are displayed at launch. The entire line can be opened through the menu. Also implemented a search for events, by keywords;
  • Live. Customers can make bets in play. The transition to this mode is made by the button at the bottom of the table. Switching between disciplines is easy enough, just flip to the right or left side;
  • Video broadcasts. Clients can watch live broadcasts directly in the program. Most of the events are equipped with video, so this possibility becomes a noticeable advantage in betting.

Deposit/Withdrawal. Making payments in the app is quite convenient. Players do not need to have access to a PC to receive a payout or deposit funds into an account. Everything is implemented in the program.

Which is better to use: the app or the website

Some bettors find it more convenient to bet through the app, while others prefer the website. Sometimes customers can’t decide which is better for them to use to play. For this reason, it is worth reading examples of when one or the other method is more effective.

  • Arguments in favor of the app:
  • Mobility allows betting through the app in just a few seconds. The player only needs to open the program at any time. It will also work in the background;
  • Bettors do not always have access to a personal computer. Parimatch app mobile version can be an alternative, but it requires launching a browser and re-entering your account;
  • The program is noticeably faster in speed and also saves internet traffic;
  • If there are any problems with the site. For example, technical difficulties or preventive maintenance, the application will still work.

Arguments in favor of the site:

  • Some users may find it difficult to install the app. This is especially true for the Android operating system;
  • The program takes up space in the memory of the smartphone, and may not be suitable for technical requirements;
  • Those clients of the bookmaker’s office, who bet quite rarely, the normal website will be enough;
  • Using a personal computer is much easier to analyze the upcoming event. It is possible to find additional sources for statistics and current news in a couple of clicks. This cannot be done inside the application.

As you can see, there are many arguments for using a particular method. It all depends on the type of player himself. More active bettors should preferably install the software on their smartphone. Those who rarely play and exclusively by line, the usual site will be enough.

Advantages compared to the app

The application from Pari Match has several notable advantages compared to competitors from the bookmaker’s office. They look as follows:

  • The bookmaker’s office operates under license, so it is blocked in Pakistan. To download the application from this company will have to bypass the restrictions;
  • Playing in such a bookmaker’s office is not safe, because it does not fall under the jurisdiction of Pakistan.