Baccarat – Rules, strategies and odds of winning

Parimatch Baccarat is a classic gambling game, which probably will not soon be forgotten. It is possible that they will never stop playing it. Today, baccarat can hardly be called a passionate pastime, but rather an interesting pastime that allows you to play with minimal stakes and without the rules of etiquette. Most gamblers consider this fact positive, which makes it so popular among those who are not ready to invest a lot of money in entertainment.

The basic rules of baccarat and their importance

Before playing baccarat Pari match, you need to learn the rules of the game, although the game is considered to be quite passive. The game starts with the dealer showing the cards to himself (the banker) and the player, and it doesn’t have to be you. After the cards are dealt, the player’s task is to guess whose luck is on his side. Then the player makes bets, there are three types of baccarat. But about them, we will talk a little later.

Actually, this is the passivity of the game: the player has a limited choice of types and sizes of bets. The payout of winnings and scoring is done by the croupier, which means that the player does very little in the game. In addition, the player should understand that the advantage is on the side of the casino, as laid in the rate’s mathematical superiority over the player. By the way, this figure is almost the same for the banker and the player, and is about a tenth of a percent, which depends on the payout ratio and the number of decks.

In general, the rules of the game are very simple. But even so, it’s worth paying attention to studying them, especially if you plan to play for real money. And if you decide to play, we recommend you to choose only the best online baccarat casinos.

Tips and tricks for playing slots

In baccarat there are three types of bets: Player, Tie and Banker. Figuring them out is not difficult. In front of each player on the gaming table are three zones in which he can bet at his discretion. And so, the bets come in the following types:


A bet is placed on the player’s winnings. If the player wins, the banker takes all bets placed on the pot and the draw, and pays the bets that were placed on the player at a ratio of 1:1;


The bet is placed on a tie, that is, on an equal number of points at the banker and the player. If the player wins, the croupier takes all bets that were made on the player and the bank, and pays out bets that were made on the draw in the ratio of 8:1;


A bet is placed to win the pot. If the player wins, the croupier takes all bets that were placed on the player and on the draw, and pays for bets that were placed on the bank at a ratio of 1:1. The uniqueness of this bet is that, according to the rules of the game, in the case of winning a commission of up to 5% is taken in favor of the casino.

We, by the way, do not recommend betting on a draw, even if your intuition tells you that you should bet that way. In fact, the bet is completely unprofitable, as the game very rarely ends in a draw, even in sports.

Is it effective to use strategies

Our opinion is unwavering – strategies are absolutely useless. We believe these strategies would only benefit the casino and not the player. They only take time away from the player and are often confusing. Take, for example, counting cards. They suggest almost every new player to learn it, but in fact, this approach only works in offline casinos, where the dealer tears down the cards played, while Free baccarat play online Parimatch venues card counting does not work, because the game involves the entire deck. This applies to many other strategies as well. But it’s not all so hopeless. There is some benefit in counting cards – you can use it to determine which bet is the most profitable. But this is so arbitrary, that even this is not worth wasting your time. Just play for fun!

Is it worth playing baccarat: some tips

Very often, beginners wonder if it’s worth playing baccarat at all. The answer is the same: play, but wisely and preferably not with your own money. The first thing to do before you play is to learn the rules of the game, and then realize that the advantage will always be on the casino’s side. You can try dozens of strategies, but it will still be on the side of the casino. There is nothing you can do about it. Next, you should decide what type of bet you will place, as this is what determines the likelihood of your winnings.

Firstly, it is recommended not to accept bonuses due to high wagering requirements. If you intend to play them, however, at least carefully study the terms of their use, so that you will not be caught off guard. Second, betting on the banker is more profitable than betting on the player. For example, the player advantage is 1.29% and the banker advantage is 1.01%. We’ve already talked about betting on a draw. Third, the more decks in the game, the less profitable it is for the player, although we are talking about fractions of a percent. And fourth, it’s important to consider the banker’s fee. Choose baccarat games with a commission below 4%.

Bottom line: Play the game, but consider our advice. Make reasonable bets and keep everything under control.

Playing baccarat with a live dealer is the best experience

If you’ve never played baccarat live before, we suggest you try it as soon as possible. There’s nothing wrong with digital games, but playing with a live dealer makes the game more enjoyable. There are also some interesting new baccarat variations available in live casinos that you won’t find digital versions of. We’ll talk more about some of them in this section. The good news is that you can use all of the above baccarat strategies in live games as well.

Lightning Baccarat – In this game of baccarat, several cards are chosen at random and have an increased multiplier. Up to 1,000x. If you win and these cards are included in the winning combination, you win these multipliers. In this way, a simple £1 bet on baccarat can turn into an unforeseen profit. It really is worth trying this version of live baccarat Pari match.

Dragon Tiger – Strictly speaking, this is not really baccarat, but it works on the level of baccarat and belongs to the same family of cards game. It is the simplest game we have ever seen. Two hands are dealt, and the one with the higher card wins. It’s a game with a much faster pace, so you can win (and lose) money much faster.

Speed Baccarat – Evolution Gaming supports this version of live baccarat Parimatch. As the name implies, it’s a game of baccarat with speed dialing enabled. Each hand takes half the time compared to the standard game. If you need speed, try this game.