Parimatch roulette rules

Roulette, as an independent game in the casino, popular in the world for over 300 years. The idea to develop a Pari match casino roulette strategy that allows a player to beat the casino is as old as the game itself. For a long time the existence of roulette, it was invented and tested in practice a huge number of different systems and methods of the game. Having allocated from all known roulette strategies to date, ten of the most proven and popular among players – let’s consider each in detail.

Top 10 roulette strategies

According to statistics provided by various casinos and multiple player surveys, the Top 10 Pari match roulette online strategies include:

Systems for playing simple roulette odds:

  • Martingale Strategy;
  • Anti-Martingale System (Parlay Strategy);
  • D-Alamber System;
  • Anti-Dalamber System;
  • Laboucher and Anti-Laboucher Systems;
  • Donald’s strategy with Nathanson’s changes;
  • Fibonacci Strategy.
  • Systems for playing in the main playing field:

The Two-Thirds System (Law of Distribution);

  • Biarritz System (Makarov Strategy);
  • Counter Biarritz System.

How to win at roulette in casinos Parimatch

Is it possible to win at the casino, playing roulette Parimatch according to the rules of these strategies and systems? That’s how beginners usually formulate the question, without specifying other important and significant conditions of the game, on which the variant of the correct answer depends.

Purely mathematical roulette strategy, which would allow the player to completely eliminate losses – does not exist. In addition, no betting strategy is incapable of influencing the mathematical profitability of the game.

In very rare cases and purely by virtue of technical reasons, roulette wheels in some institutions – can give deviations from the uniform distribution of falling out numbers.

This phenomenon is called bias roulette wheel, and there is a system Counter-Biarrice, the most suitable for the game against the casino, which revealed the roulette wheel bias. But even this strategy, like all the others, does not exclude the luck factor in the game.

Each individual launch of the ball – the player is constantly at risk of both winning and losing – this game is not called roulette for nothing.

All mathematical systems and strategies for playing roulette, were developed by the players themselves.

The main idea and advantage of the use of a particular strategy in the game is that the player gets the opportunity to control the game expenditure of his choice and more consciously plan your game bank.

Consider the differences of different systems, it is possible on the example of three variants of the game.

Suppose the player, for 10 spins in a row – betting on red, starting with one base bet, and changing its size according to the rules of the chosen strategy.

In the first case, let’s consider the least successful for the player development of events – it can be considered as a fall-out of ten black numbers in a row, or a situation where the player suffers 10 losses in a row.

As we can see, the progressive Martingale and Fibonacci systems have the highest expenses in a long series of losses. In case of anti-progressive strategies the bet does not grow after losing, which results, on the contrary, in achieving the least expenditure of the player’s bank.

Now consider the second option, when all 10 spins in a row fell only red, that is the most successful for the player series of ten wins.

It is easy to see that the maximum positive growth of the player’s balance, in the case of ten successful spins in a row, is achieved when playing by the rules of inverse, or anti-progressive strategies.

It should be noted that in the table above, for each of the counter-progressive strategies (anti-Martingale and anti-Dalember) the calculations are given for those cases when a player does not take his winnings but continues to play all 10 spins, increasing his bet progressively.

However, such long winning or losing streaks are relatively rare in the real game. In conclusion, let’s consider a third typical variation of the game, when the player still bets on red every time, with red and black numbers fall strictly in turn.

Obviously, an even distribution of falling results when winning alternates with losing leads to an insignificant negative growth of the player’s balance in case of playing by the anti-progressive systems. Indicators of the game on progressive systems Martingale and dAlmber – in this case coincide completely. This is due to the fact that the bet after the first loss in both of these systems – increases by the same amount.

Thus, every time a player makes a bet, his risks fluctuate not only in relation to the game itself, but also to the chosen system and the size of the game bank. To be the most effective roulette player, one should know and be able to use all these important components.

Dustin’s Strategy

Before you start the game, you need to divide the entire surface of the roulette wheel into 5 digital zones, as a result, each zone will include 7 digits:

  • 35,3,26,0,32,15,19;
  • 4,21,2,25,17,34,6;
  • 27,13,36,11,30,8,23;
  • 10,5,24,16,33,1,20;
  • 14,31,9,22,18,29,7.

Numbers 12 and 28 are not included in any numeric zone.

Before entering the game, it is necessary to be an observer until at least one number from the 4 digital zones falls out. The user then enters the game and bets on that number zone, which has not previously fallen on the roulette wheel.

The probability of winning on 7 numbers – at least 1 time in 12 spins.

Useful roulette tips from Parimatch

Learn the rules of the game and some strategies

The rules of roulette at Parimatch Casino are not complicated at all, so it would almost be a shame if you tried to play the game without knowing the rules. Learn what the different types of roulette bets are and what they mean, then you can find different roulette tricks for betting success!

Learn from your mistakes and your experiences

Don’t repeat the same mistakes in your game that cause you to lose! It’s also a good idea to find proven strategies or watch a more experienced player and his roulette game to try!

Don’t give in to your emotions.

This rule applies to all types of betting, because under emotional influence people make bad decisions, which in roulette can cost you a lot of lost money! Be calm and don’t make hasty decisions, think soberly!

Final Words

Today’s world allows you to play the game through your cell phone, so roulette Parimatch can be with you anywhere! Practice and quiet play will eventually make you a better player, so if you are ready to take part in this game, we wish you good times and great success!