Bets on tennis totals. How to make a correct prediction?

Parlay bets combine several events, the odds on the outcomes of which are multiplied. Thus, the bettor has the opportunity to make a prediction with a high quote and provide a solid profit to his bank. Multi bets for all sports, including tennis, are available.

In this article, we’ll learn how to make them correctly.


Betting on favourites in bulk – first mistake

Very often novice bettors resort to combined bets, in which several outcomes are selected with a victory on the favorite. It is worth noting right away that in tennis battles this is a knowingly failed strategy.

  • According to statistics, tennis matches can most often end with a sensational result. It depends on the fact that tennis is a purely individual sport, where the result of the match is provided by successful or unsuccessful actions of one of the athletes. In soccer or basketball a failure in the course of the match can be compensated by a successful action of the whole team, in tennis – not.

Thus, making express bet from tennis matches with five to six events with odds 1.15 – 1.25, the player risks more than if he would choose two events with odds 1.5 – 1.75.

How many events should I choose?

If you do not have a big bankroll, you want to raise your capital as fast as possible. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a series of multi bets like express with the final high odds.

  • It is advisable to include no more than two or three positions in a tennis express. It is necessary to exclude as often as possible the variant in which each of the predictions is made purely on the victory of the favorite.

It is worth considering options with bets on the total of games, winning with handicaps or sets. In most bookmaker offices these predictions can be made with “bribery”, thereby insuring yourself against a possible loss. Of course, the odds on such outcomes will be understated, but it should not be forgotten that we make “press”.

If a player sees up to five tennis matches, the forecasts for which he would like to combine in one bet, the golden rule comes to the rescue. It is necessary to estimate the probability of winning outcome of each of the predictions, and on the basis of the data choose the two or three most favorable bets.


Analysis is our Everything

Since express tennis bets consist of several events, the amount of work that needs to be done for analysis increases by a corresponding number. It is necessary to approach the analysis of each prediction with full responsibility and scrupulosity, as if you analyze the single, but then you make everything in press.

To analyze tennis matches, you should use the standard factors: the playing form of the tennis players, their motivation for the tournament, the coverage of the courts, the players’ adherence to this coverage, the history of personal meetings, the need to protect rating points.

Range of odds and minimum risk

The fact that we make a combined bet from several events and get a solid odds at the end should remind us that the risks for each prediction can be minimized as much as possible.

For example, a match between two equal tennis players, on which there are approximately equal quotations, appeals to you. Your analysis shows that the first player, who is more motivated and has shown decent results in recent matches, has a better chance of winning the match. The odds on his victory are 1.95, but we will play a prediction that your favorite will win at least one of the sets. The quote for this outcome is much lower and may be 1.35 – 1.50, but we combine the bet where this figure may be quite favorable. Thus, the chances of winning this event are doubled.

  • By analogy, it is possible to insure predictions on the number of games. If two players are serving, the over-estimated game total (22.5) will be given by the bookie with the same rate. It makes more sense in this case to play a lower total (20.5) more with a lower rate of 1.55, which will be the second event in our parlay.

As the third event in our “press” you can take a victory of one of the favorites to achieve a solid final odds. We recommend choosing games where the favorite is really motivated to win and the style of play of his opponent won’t be uncomfortable for him. For such an outcome a quotation of 1.25 – 1.35 can be put.

At the output we get a bet on tennis from three events with the minimum risk of loss and high odds – about 3.00, if we take the average of the above quotation ranges.


How much to bet?

Like any other prediction, an express bet is subject to risk and does not rule out a loss. In order to distribute your bankroll correctly, it should be divided into parts and based on what the final betting odds will be. Ideally, a player should distribute the bank at least into ten equal parts, because it is almost impossible to lose ten consecutive bets of express, conducting a thorough analysis of matches and at the same time insuring.