Terms and conditions of PariMatch Casino

Casino terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of Pari Match Casino
Terms of PariMatch Casino

PariMatch Casino is famous around the world! It has fans and gamblers using its platform from all parts of the globe! PariMatch Casino accepts bets only in accordance with these rules. A bet made by a player, is a confirmation that the player knows these rules, understand them and fully agree with them.

Registration, deposit and betting are allowed only to persons over the age of 18 years, who bear full responsibility both for the legality of Internet gambling in their region of residence, and for providing information on winnings or losses to the competent authorities in their country. Individuals under the age of 18 years are not eligible to register at PariMatch Casino.

PariMatch Casino fully trusts the information provided by the client in applying for an account and is not responsible for the discrepancy of the above information.

In order to prevent fraud and other conflicts, PariMatch Casino may in exceptional cases, require proof of identity to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the client. When opening an account, clients agree to provide, in such case, all the necessary documents at the request of PariMatch Casino.

In the event of fraud associated with financial transactions and betting, the perpetrator can be prosecuted up to the criminal responsibility.

The client is personally responsible for the safety of his account and password. The administration of PariMatch Casino guarantees non-disclosure to third parties information about the personal details of clients and their bets and is not responsible for the consequences caused by obtaining confidential client data by unauthorized persons.

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The player may only have one account. Any additional accounts will be closed by the administration of PariMatch Casino without any payments from these accounts, including winnings. Using the same credit card for multiple accounts (the same electronic wallet on multiple accounts, and any other similar situation) will result in the immediate closure of these accounts for security reasons.

Any transactions confirmed by entering the username (game account number) and password of the account holder are considered valid and enforceable, the only limitation being the current gaming account balance. The player is solely responsible for the transactions on his account. The player may not assign access to his account to a third party, nor may he use any additional software tools to play from his account. A player is solely responsible for the safety of his login and password to access his account.

PariMatch Casino is not responsible to the player in case of transfer of access to his account to third parties. The administration of PariMatch Casino reserves the right to block the player’s account if the player’s access to his account was transferred to a third person(s). Upon suspicion of the loss of this information, the client has the right at any time to contact the administration of PariMatch Casino with a request to change the current password.

All bets must be made through the user software of PariMatch Casino. The use of any additional computer programs to play at PariMatch Casino is prohibited. Bets made by any other means are prohibited and no payments will be made. If the attempt of using the modified or any other software was detected, the administration of PariMatch Casino reserves the right to block the player’s account without any payments, including prizes.

PariMatch Casino shall not be liable for any damages or losses claimed to have been incurred as a result of the use of this site or arising from its content.

This provision applies equally to the use (or misuse) of site content by any person, the inability to connect to or use the site, delays in its operation or transmission, failure of communication lines, any errors, mistakes or omissions in the content of the site.

Only players who are registered to play for real money and have a positive balance in their gaming account, may participate in contests and promotions conducted by PariMatch Casino.

Conditions of Pari Match Casino
Terms and conditions of PariMatch Casino

All bets are considered to be placed after their approval by the server of PariMatch Casino. All games are played by the established rules, respecting the minimum and maximum bets and payouts. Detailed rules of games can be found in the section “Rules” by selecting the appropriate game.

Administration of PariMatch Casino has the right to reject or cancel any bet.

Administration of PariMatch Casino monitors all bets and transactions on players’ accounts.

Administration of PariMatch Casino reserves the right to verify the legality and compliance of player’s actions with the rules.

All payments of winnings and deposits are made to the cashier of PariMatch Casino according to the rules. The procedure for payment of winnings and deposits is described in the relevant sections of the menu “Rules”.

PariMatch Casino administration reserves the right, in case of doubt about the legality of actions performed by a player, to request a photocopy of his passport and/or driving licence, as well as a photocopy of both sides of the player’s credit card when making deposits by credit card. If the player fails to provide this information within seven calendar days, the administration of PariMatch Casino reserves the right to continue to block the player’s account for any period. The administration of PariMatch Casino reserves the right to refuse to accept bets for any player, as well as to block the player’s account at any time, if there is doubt as to the legality of the player’s actions.

A player may contact the manager of the casino by any available means, described in the Contact Us section. In all disputes, the decision of the PariMatch Casino administration is final and cannot be appealed.

A player must review the rules of the gaming area not less than once a month. A player has no right to participate in games, make transactions on his account and take prizes, if he does not understand and is not ready to fully comply with the rules of PariMatch Casino  both permanent and periodic events.

The administration of PariMatch Casino, without prior personal written notification to players, may make any changes and additions to the rules, regulations and procedures of payments, and the rules for calculating payments on bets already made, remain unchanged.

Any changes or amendments to these rules will be posted in the News section. The player shall independently verify whether any changes or additions have been made to these rules prior to playing the game and, if necessary, shall familiarise themselves with them. The terms of bets made earlier remain unchanged, and bets accepted from the date specified in the announcement, are subject to the amended rules. PariMatch Casino administration has the right to inform players about promotions, lotteries and other events held in the casino.

The time on the server is set in a GMT+1 time zone (Central European time zone). All information materials, the beginning and end times of tournaments, bonus programs and any other special promotions, limited in time, are published with the time in this time zone.