Verification at PariMatch online casino

Pari Match verification
Verification at PariMatch – fast and easy

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Verification is the identification of a customer’s identity.

Verification of identity and age is a customer verification procedure used to make sure that the player’s identity matches the passport data provided and that he is of legal age. Alas, it is illegal for teenagers to bet and it is not allowed to play under a pseudonym either.

To order a payout of winnings at the online casino PariMatch requires verification, i.e. documenting personal and payment details. It is better to do it even before you make a deposit to ensure that you receive your winnings. PariMatch online casino owners need verification for a variety of reasons, at a minimum, verification helps the casino increase protection against multi-accounts. If you’re going to play casino for money, you should be prepared to verify your account. You can give the casino the necessary documents in advance, even before making a deposit, then you get rid of possible problems with the withdrawal of won funds in the future.

IMPORTANT: When you register at online casinos, always fill out the data correctly. Be careful and try not to make mistakes. You may have to verify the data documented, to be able to get your winnings.


Why do I need verification?

Verification of PariMatch is a mandatory process without which it is impossible to withdraw money from your account. The documents provided by the user will be checked against the information entered during registration as well as against the data of the owner of the account to which the money is being withdrawn. If the data match, the technical support approves the request and the user can get his winnings in a convenient form without any problems. If some or all of the information does not match, a new PariMatch verification will be requested.

PariMatch verification first and foremost ensures the security of the player’s data and account status. Even after gaining control of your account by logging into the PariMatch website with your username and password, attackers will not be able to withdraw funds from your account. PariMatch verification may seem overly complicated and unnecessary, but significantly increases the security of the money in your PariMatch account.

How to get verified at Parimatch
How to get verified at PariMatch

How to get verified at PariMatch

PariMatch verification is available as soon as the user has completed registration and logged in to the PariMatch website. A form for uploading user identification documents will be available in the private office. It is recommended to fill the information about the user in the profile, entering data from the document, the photo of which will be used later for verification. This way, the chance of making a wrong entry will be minimal.

PariMatch requires the following documents to verify your online casino account:

Scan or photo of a document proving your identity. Proof of identity is made by sending a scan of your passport: the page with the photo (spread), the page with the registration address. You can also use a scan of your passport or driving licence, and in some cases a driving licence is also suitable as proof of identity. Many casinos allow the number and series of the document to be blacked out.

Scan or photo of the document proving residence. Proof of residency may be a pay stub, flat receipt, telephone or internet bill, or other official document that shows your name and address. The document must not be more than 3 months old. Proof of residence – a copy of the residence page in your passport is not suitable.


If you do not own the property where you are registered, the receipt will not contain your personal details. If the name on the receipt does not match your name, another document in your name with your address may be suitable for verifying your place of residence, for example: you can take a bank statement.

A scan or photo of payment cards

If you use a credit card for deposits and withdrawals, you should provide a scan or a good photo of the card on both sides. The cvv2 code can be blacked out.

If you use payment systems to deposit to the casino, you may be asked to provide a screenshot of the payment system page, where you should see your data: name and surname, account number and (or) email address.

IMPORTANT: Scans and photos must be clear and all corners of the documents must be visible.
Copies of the documents can be downloaded from the special section of your personal casino profile, or you can send an email to the casino’s support team.

If you decide to get verified, choose quality casinos such as PariMatch! There are also cases where small gambling sites collect data and then use it, or don’t hide it well enough.

In brief, to be verified you need to:

– Go to “Account Setup” in your personal account on the PariMatch website and upload colour copies of your documents, as well as a portrait photo with the main spread of your passport. The spread of your passport should be held against a white A4 sheet of paper on which you should write the text “PARIMATCH” in pen, without the passport covering the handwritten text.
Once the photo has been uploaded, the application will go to the helpdesk for consideration. The review process is not fast, which is why PariMatch verification should be completed as early as possible. This will leave enough time for the user to accumulate winnings for withdrawal.

Verification problems
Verification – do it now

Verification problems

PariMatch identification does not always go smoothly. If the information in the profile does not match the data in the uploaded document, a second verification is initiated in the BC. As you can choose the account currency, payment method and fill in the profile only once – it is important that the information matches everywhere. Otherwise the support service will not be able to confirm that the owner of the gaming account, external wallet and uploaded documents is the same person.

The notification that PariMatch identification has been passed will appear in your profile, so it is worth checking the PariMatch website regularly . The status “Verified” appears below the download form. Otherwise you will need to upload additional documents on request of the support service. You may also be notified by email of successful verification.


The PariMatch casino website provides all the information you need to pass the verification successfully. And in case of difficulties, you can always ask for help from the support team.